Captured Faithfule

About Captured Faithfule:

Typically, when one hears the word photography, one immediately thinks about the act of taking a picture.  Likewise when one hears the word photograph, one is referring to the image produced.  In other words, the tangible copy (be it digital or print media) itself.  For you to get the absolute most out of your experience with Captured Faithfule, whether it’s as a reader or a model, it’s important to me that you understand how I define photography.

I go by Faith and firmly believe that everyone can grab a camera and take a picture.  All it takes these days is a curious toddler with Mom’s iPhone (or whatever else) and a bit of luck and a picture can be taken.

For me, it’s not about taking pictures.  It’s about capturing the essence of the subject.  If I’m photographing the beauty God has placed in this world, I want to capture His beauty in the image.  If I’m photographing people, I want to capture more than just their smiles and bright eyes.  I want to capture personalities, inner beauty, memories and more.

I believe the best photographers have great technical knowledge as well as a creative eye.  Being a graphic designer gives me a good deal of both. Because of this, you can rest assured any moment Captured Faithfule will be as individual as you are.

My cameras have changed the way I see the world; I hope my captures change the way you see photography.  Contact me today to discuss how we can make sure your next moment is Captured Faithfule.

I love hearing from you!

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