Captured Faithfule

What people are saying:

Kaity from Longview:

Faith Freeman has been a wonderful family photographer. She has been taking pictures of my son since he was about five months old. She has been able to take some amazing photos of him, even now as a toddler. She also did my wedding and reception. I absolutely love my wedding and reception pictures! Faith is easy to talk to, and makes it very relaxing while doing a session. She is really good with kids, and getting them to take photos. I know other friends and family members with photography businesses, and after having Faith do photos for me I know she won’t give anything, but her best in the photos she takes. I won’t have anyone else take photos for me after seeing the work and love she puts into her photos.

Becca from Vancouver:

Faith Freeman at Captured Faithfule did an amazing job with my little baby boy. He was 2 months old, so it took extra patience and perseverance to get the amazing shots that she did. She was wonderful though. And the pictures are just stunning. I’ve taken my older children to the regular chain photography stores for years, but never again. I highly recommend Captured Faithfule to everyone!

Emily from Vancouver:

Faith Freeman has done background photos with me in different styles and many varieties, she has also been the most caring, giving and talented photographer I’ve ever met! My senior photos of 2013 were phenomenal and I couldn’t have asked another person in the world to do my pictures for me. If I ever need to get photos taken again, you better bet your bottom dollar I’ll be going back to her!

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