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Project 365 Day 15

I gotta be honest.  This project is hard.  When I first started it, I was thinking something like “eh…a picture a day it can’t be that hard.”  Guess what though…it really is.  Yesterday while riding the bus to the store camera bag in tow, I saw this sculpture/art piece.  The first time I attempted to shoot it, I was cardless (as many times at this has happened you’d think I’d have learned by now but no…not so much) so I had to pass up the ride home I probably could have gotten from my sister so I could try again.  Oh yeah after buying a new memory card of course…oy ve.



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Project 365 Day 13

There are so many wonderful things in the NW to photograph.  Unfortunately I’m limited in what I can capture because I lack a vehicle to get around in.  Sometimes though, I find beauty in the every day mundane.  The local grocery store has a great flag, if you read my blog you know I really love to shoot flags.  I’ve shot this particular flag several times and I’m pretty sure it’s been replaced recently so I photographed it again.


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Yesterday was a sad day.  I had to send my buddy back.  The Canon 24-105mm L series lens and I have been like “this” since it arrived a month ago.  Sadly though, our time together was up and I had to send it back so it could be rented by someone else.  Before sending it back, I shot this:


I think I will include this image on my goal poster to help me look forward to the time when I can own this glass.  It really was quite nice to work with.

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Project 365 Day 11

It’s only been about two weeks since I started this Project 365 and already I’m starting to think I look like this from hauling around my camera with me everywhere I go:

The best glass I have in my collection is the 24-105 L series lens that I rented.  Sadly it has to go back today.  I can’t wait till I can make that lens mine.  It’s great for so many things.  At any rate, as my daughter and I ran all over town yesterday, I lugged it with me and on our way to ship some packages we came across this:


It’s sunny and beautiful again today and I again have some errands to run so who knows what I’ll come up with today.  Maybe I’ll even carry my entire camera bag so I’m ready if I see a shot I can’t take because I have the wrong glass with me.   Hopefully there’s something amazing to capture because you can only shoot flowers so many times and keep it interesting right?!?!?

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Project 365 Day 10

“He laid His hands on every one of them, and healed them”  Luke 4:40.


At the Visitors Center for the Portland Oregon Temple stands a Christus.  I kept looking at the outstretched arms and wounded hands and feet  and felt compelled to capture both.


“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”  Isaiah  53:5

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Project 365 Day 8

I’ve been a lot of places…about 30 of the 50 states, maybe more.  Nowhere in all the world is the sky as amazing as in the Northwest.  Check out what it looked like on a family walk I took with my kiddos after church today:


I wonder what this would have looked like if I would have had one of my star-point filters.  Maybe tomorrow’s sky will be as amazing (or better even) and I can find out!

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Project 365 Day 6

It’s been all downhill since I woke up late this morning.  Missed getting my nephew on the bus for school and had to find a ride to get him there.  Was late fora  Skype session with my favorite brown-eyed girl, then missed getting nephew off the bus and had to find another ride to get him from school.  The highlight of the day was getting to see my gospel son.  He’s from the area we live in now, but served his mission in our previous area and he just grew on us…kinda like mold grows on cheese only better.  Much better.  There’s been a lot of ick in my life the last few days and a hug from him today made all the difference.  Interesting enough, my favorite pictures of the day are the ones I took of him on my iPhone with the piggies curled up in his beard, but I don’t have his permission to share them so you get this instead:


You won’t believe what this is…stop lights, headlights, and a couple of lights on the grain silos in the neighborhood.  No, this is not the world’s best photo, but I just thought the way the rain drops on my lens made the bokeh look was kinda cool.  I also like the “smoke” which is actually the headlights of oncoming cars.  Sometimes you got pretty much nothing…today was one of those days.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.