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Project 365 Day 13

There are so many wonderful things in the NW to photograph.  Unfortunately I’m limited in what I can capture because I lack a vehicle to get around in.  Sometimes though, I find beauty in the every day mundane.  The local grocery store has a great flag, if you read my blog you know I really love to shoot flags.  I’ve shot this particular flag several times and I’m pretty sure it’s been replaced recently so I photographed it again.



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Old Glory

If you’re keeping up with the posts on this blog, then you know that one of my favorite things to capture are flags.  I feel such an overwhelming sense of pride for the flag of my country and everything it stands for.  Yes, I even feel this way despite the current political and socioeconomic conditions this great country of mine is in.  While going through drive -thru at Burger King on Monday, I was able to snap off some shots of their flag.  They have a great flag; it’s one of the biggest in the area.  These images were shot using my Nifty Fifty lens.

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One nation under God

Last year I attended the fair with my kids, I had a pretty decent bridge camera with an incredible zoom and zoomed in on the fairground flag.  This was the best capture I got:

YUCK it’s not even good.  Out of focus in places, full of camera noise, lighting and contrast issues; I could go on..  I set a goal at that moment to return with a better camera and learn how to take an INCREDIBLE image of that flag…I don’t know if the ones below count as incredible, I’ll let you decide.

And then there’s my personal favorite:

I love love love my sigma lens though I do wish it had image stabilization on it as it’s pretty heavy and handheld in dark situations lends a lot of camera shake.  I plan on returning to the fair again with my kids and we’ll stay till it closes.  I’m gonna take a tripod and capture that flag again at night.  I can’t wait to see the difference!