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Why I’ve decided to keep shooting

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Several months ago I got discouraged and put my camera down.  I didn’t take pictures of my children at back-to-school time and I didn’t even take pictures at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Yes I already regret those choices.

Chronic pain kept me away from photography and editing the majority of winter.  Seems like my back is happiest when temps are 60 degrees or over.  During the cold winter months we’ve had (thankfully the NW is not as cold as other places in the country have been or are) unseasonably cooler temperatures and I spent a lot of time doing nothing but hurting and getting further and further behind on editing.  I just wrapped up a session edit this weekend and as I did so, I was again reminded about all the reasons I love photography.  This young woman is exquisitely beautiful and honestly I’m pretty sure my 6 year-old nephew could take a remarkable picture of her with his mom’s iPhone, but the privilege of taking her Senior pictures was given to me.  Here is one of most favorite images from that session:


I actually used this image in an assignment for school and got an A.  My visual communications instructor loved the image itself as well as what I did with it.  I love that my photographic talent allows me to often use my work when photographs are needed in assignments for school.  At any rate, here are a few of my other favorites:


I love shooting this young woman.  She is gorgeous, she does exactly what I ask of her and is extremely comfortable in front of the camera.  I have extended her an invitation to be a permanent model for me and am honored that she has accepted.  Yes, future blog posts will feature this young woman again and I’m looking forward to the next time I can shoot her.

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