Captured Faithfule

Project 365 Day 11

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It’s only been about two weeks since I started this Project 365 and already I’m starting to think I look like this from hauling around my camera with me everywhere I go:

The best glass I have in my collection is the 24-105 L series lens that I rented.  Sadly it has to go back today.  I can’t wait till I can make that lens mine.  It’s great for so many things.  At any rate, as my daughter and I ran all over town yesterday, I lugged it with me and on our way to ship some packages we came across this:


It’s sunny and beautiful again today and I again have some errands to run so who knows what I’ll come up with today.  Maybe I’ll even carry my entire camera bag so I’m ready if I see a shot I can’t take because I have the wrong glass with me.   Hopefully there’s something amazing to capture because you can only shoot flowers so many times and keep it interesting right?!?!?

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