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Project 365 Day 9

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Life is precious.  Even rodent life.  Our family had a tragedy yesterday that inspired today’s image.  Those of you who read my blog that were friends on my personal Facebook page know that my daughter has three guinea pigs.  One took a serious turn for the worse about 3 days after we got him, but then made a miraculous recover.  Yesterday however, when we came home from our walk, we found him laying in his food bowl covered in his own feces and urine and not breathing.  I’m not even a pet person but cried and cried right along with my darling daughter.  It occurred to me that I need to make a more conscientious choice to include pets more in my family photography and so today I bring you Mo Wild.


We call Mo our teenager.  He’s got a Mohawk  he’s got a white stripe on his forehead (he bleached his hair) and one of his feet are tattooed (not really but it’s white and all the rest are black).  Then, we just noticed today he’s got some bleached (white) whiskers too.  He’s our little rebel.  And yes, that IS an earring you see in his ear.  He had a perfect pierced ear when we got him and it was just screaming for an earring.  While we miss HipHop severely, we have had a good time with Mo today.

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