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Far better to give than receive

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I believe the talent I originally saw in my photography came from God.  This talent, once discovered, has become a skill I’ve worked diligently to improve on over the last year.  It is something I will always work to improve.  What J. Williamson said is true “school is never out for the pro.”  Because I believe it came from God (all good things do right?), it’s something I want to use to glorify and honor Him any chance I get.  It was recently placed on my heart to give sessions to high school seniors in foster care who may not be able to afford senior portraits otherwise.  This offer is open to all Portland/Vancouver area foster kids in need of senior pictures.  Please share this post with anyone who could benefit from this decision. There are no limits to the amount of sessions I’m willing to do and sessions can take place in my home, at the park across the street from me, at Burnt Bridge Creek Trail, Ft. Vancouver, or Delta Park.  If these venues don’t work, I’m happy to discuss other locations and if I can make them happen I will.

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