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Project 365 Day 4

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Holy Hannah this project is kinda tough and I love all things photography.  So much in fact, that when I’m not doing homework or taking care of my kids and nephew I’m usually studying something photography related or shooting.  It’s been an excruciatingly trying 24 hours and the last thing I wanted to do today was pick up my camera.  Thankfully I had already had a shoot scheduled.  At any rate, right now my big struggle is low-light.  My 24-105 I rented does better in low light that anything I presently own and I’m going to be very sad to send it back next week.  Fortunately for me I have tons of family I can coerce errrr bribe, I mean beg to pose for me when I’m practicing something or looking to learn something new.  Next to my own four kids, my very favorite people in the entire world are these guys:


I hadn’t intended this to be my Day 4 project, but given the relationship I have with my sister and nephews, it totally worked.  You see, my sister is my biggest fan, my rowdiest cheerleader, and most treasured friend. We are more than sisters…she is my best friend and I’d be so lost without her.  Her two boys call me call me Auntie and it’s the next best thing to Mommy.  In short, without my sister and nephews my life would be totally incomplete.  Love you guys, thanks for putting up with me when I just “HAVE” to put a lens in your face….again and again and again.

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