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Project 365 Day 3

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In the movie Last Holiday, Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) has just finished her weekly sales demonstration and her co-worker Shawn comes up to her floor to talk to (and flirt) with her.  He says something about how the smell of whatever was cooked reminds him of a memory and today’s picture reminded me of a memory as well.

As a little girl my grandfather worked for Burlington Northern.  I remember going to his work a few times and seeing the kelly green box cars with the big white “B” on the side and inside that B was a little N so it stood for the railroad’s name.  I remember he used to bring these computer punched out card things home for me to play with when I lived with him.  I don’t know what they were actually for but he would bring them home in droves and armed with a decent imagination these cards became money, tickets, notepads, checks, id and anything else I could image.

My grandfather has been gone for almost 20 years  now and most of those green box cars now say BNSF since the merger of BN with Santa Fe in the 90’s.  For me though, anytime I see a green railroad car or engine I think of a lifetime of memories with my grandfather.  This one’s for him:


Yesterday was a difficult day emotionally and I didn’t really want to shoot anything.  Nevertheless, I am committed to this challenge and knew I had to shoot something.  When I came around a bend in the road, pretty much everything was dull and lifeless except these amazing green engine cars (I think they’re engine cars anyway).  Aside from the memories of my grandfather, the contrast against the white overcast sky was what made this shot stand out to me.  Be sure to come back later today to see Day 4.

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