Captured Faithfule

Project 365 Day 2

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I had intended to get out of the house today and run some errands, but like my days often do, things didn’t exactly go as planned.  For me, Project 365 is about shooting something every day.  Today I chose to shoot one of my favorite subjects.  My walking, talking, breathing, miracle of a nephew.  I sent a text to his mom asking her to dress him in the shirt he’s wearing knowing it would make a black and white photo of him more dynamic and then blackmailed into posing for me.  He’s 5, it’s kinda easy to bribe him still.  He had a rough day today and I thought for sure our session was going to be a big waste of time based on his attitude this morning.  Then he did the sweetest and cutest thing ever…

He is pretty cranky when he’s tired (we all are though aren’t we?) and today was no different.  He was yawning up a storm, cranky as what, and yet refusing to lay down and rest.  I call it rest…he doesn’t seem to object to resting as much as he does napping.  Today though he was not going to do any resting at all without some supervision so I made him lay down on the couch with me while I watched a movie.  He started behaving badly and I had to move him so I could restrain him to keep him from hitting himself.  After calming down, he laced his fingers in mine, threw his left arm around my neck and drifted off to sleep.  I almost cried.  I know so sappy…I’m crazy about this kid what can I say?!!??


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