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Project 365 Day 1

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After my lesson in preparedness last night/early this morning, I decided to stick a little closer to home for today’s image.  I’m blessed to live in an apartment complex that is beautiful and well maintained.  When I sit at my computer, just to the right of me is a window that shows the courtyard.  During the day when I gaze out the window and peek into the courtyard there are often kids playing about.  In the stillness of the night though, the beauty is unmistakable.


To the left of the tree trunk just out of frame is a light pole.  From my window I cannot see the entire pole.  Three quarters of the actual pole appears to simply disappear into the night.  I also cannot see the bulbs themselves because they are covered.  Instead, I can only see the effects of its presence. Smaller lights on neighboring apartment buildings offer just enough ambiance to allow me to see the entire tree; the part lit by the light pole is very inconsequential when compared to the entire blossoming tree.  I have spent many Spring evenings lost in thought staring out the window at this tree.

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