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I live in a rather industrial area and within walking distance is a grain company.  Their gray silos aren’t at all interesting during daylight, but every time I see them at night, I marvel at what an interesting composition it makes.  I’ve told myself for months I should shoot it, but never have.  I decided there was no time like the present to start Project 365 and so my son and I sought out to take the shot I’ve put off for months.  It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s quite dark, and walking up a hill against some good wind to get to the right spot wasn’t much fun.

We get to the spot, set up the tripod, mount the camera, compose the shot in the viewfinder initially (to make sure the power lines and other “debris” were out of the way), and are finally ready to take the photo.  I turn the camera on.  It does nothing…WHAT my battery’s dead…oh wait….the battery’s at home charging.  Whoops.  OK…my son has his camera (a decent bridge camera with a manual mode) so we’re probably gonna be OK.  Disappointment and crisis averted yes…ahem…no, not quite.  His camera didn’t have a big enough memory card to hold more than a single shot, the first shot wasn’t too great and we were soaked.  In short, no battery, no memory card = no image.

Lesson learned…make sure you have what you need to do the job you want to do.

The night (well wee hours of the morning actually) wasn’t a total bust though.  I’ve already gotten my daily walk in, my son and I got some uninterrupted time together to talk about what we love most and we’ll try again tomorrow…well later today once the sun comes up and then goes back down.

(P.S.  Look Prof I EVEN made this post left aligned)

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