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Six months ago when I bought my DSLR, I got a lot of feedback on how great I was with my camera.  I decided maybe I would try to earn some money taking pictures and created some flyers, printed them out, and handed a few of them out and got nowhere.  I sincerely believe that God was telling me “not yet” back then.  Now however, the answer is a little different and recently I was invited to capture a dear friend’s wedding.  To be honest, it was a photography nightmare.  Sunset, on a moving vessel, water, major haze in the sky AND wind.  I’m always up for a challenge though so I just shot away.  Here are some of my favorite captures from that event:

  The rings

Beautiful Bride and Handsome Hubby

Beautiful Bride and Handsome Hubby

The new and beautiful family

I like to take candid shots as well as posed ones and will be capturing this beautiful couple again when they have their formal reception a little later.  Of all the images I captured that day though, the one I like the best was one of those “accidental” shots.  I was actually capturing the groom when I happened to look over at the vehicle the bride was hiding in and saw this amazing expression on her face.  To me she was just stunning and I knew I had to capture the shot.  Thankfully Mr. Sigma was on hand and ready to perform.  This was shot in a dark parking garage with the bride looking over the back seat of the car at her son.

I’m pretty hard on myself and wish I would have done a few things different with this shoot (namely bring a tripod), but the bride and groom (and their family and friends) all seem to be pretty happy with what they’ve already seen and that’s ultimately what matters most.  Thanks Mr. and Mrs. B for giving me the opportunity to capture your special day!

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