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There is something amazing that happen inside me when I’m behind the camera.  I know a lot of words, yet somehow I lack enough to describe this magical thing that happens.  The more captures I make (and believe me I make a LOT of them….over 1k in the last 72 hours alone), the more things I want to capture and the more I want to learn.  I’ve decided to get a second degree in photography once I finish the one I’m currently working on.

Someone told me recently that it certainly seems as though I come alive via photography.  And, while that’s a fair assessment, it still doesn’t adequately completely explain it.  I wish my eyes were shutters so that I could capture everything I see when I blink.  There is so much in this incredible world we live in worth capturing.

My camera has become an extension of me and it seems my Mamma’s Boy is following in my footsteps.  I let him make some of his own night captures last night at the fair and he hasn’t stopped talking about photography since.  Here is his first capture:

Personally, I think it is just amazing.  No…not just because he’s my boy.  I would think this photo were amazing even if someone else captured it.  I just LOVE the light trails.  And, if you think he just got off a lucky shot, here’s one he took of my nephew:

This little boy LOVES my chair.  I mean what kid doesn’t like to spin around in a swivel chair right?!?!?  Never once did it occur to me to take this shot though.  Like I said in my original post on this blog.  Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone is a photographer.  I think my son has already shown some great potential and I’m excited to see where this new adventure will take him.


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