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Feeling blue

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Usually I’m one of the first ones to tell you that sometimes believing is seeing.  That first you have to believe in miracles to see them or believe in God to see His hand at work in everything.  Sometimes though, seeing IS believing.

Those of you who know me well know that I’ve struggled with my self-confidence for some time.  You also know that I have finally decided I’m a photographer.  Even if I never get paid to take pictures and even if no one sees them, I’m still a photographer.  Something magical happens inside me when I have my camera in hand.  It doesn’t matter what I’m photographing either.  Once created, I look at my captures over and over remembering the details of the occasion and smiling.  Photography brings me great joy and I firmly believe that Eve bit so she and Adam could fall and people are that they might have joy.  I find joy beyond words in photography.

About 6 months ago I decided that photography brings me so much joy maybe I would try to earn some money doing it.  In that time, I haven’t had even one single paying job and it was hard not to get discouraged.  I still kept right on capturing images though.  I have to.  I just can’t not take pictures.

I believe that as a daughter of God, He wants me to be happy beyond my wildest imagination.  I believe that when He gives us a talent, we owe it to Him to share it.  This year I decided to share my photographic talent with the world area and entered 4 of my photos in the county fair.  It is with extreme pride and pleasure that I say ALL of them earned a ribbon, including a blue ribbon for 1st place.  Here’s what has me feeling extremely blue:

Talk about a glorious feeling man!  Sometimes seeing IS believing because after seeing this I have more confidence in my photographic talent than I ever have before.  Apparently it’s showing because tomorrow I have a paying capture…a wedding!

I think it is also important to share that this award-winning shot was my first attempt at night shots.  I’ve learned a few things since then and can’t wait to go back to the city and try again.  Here’s another shot from that same night:

I love hearing from you!

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