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Oh Baby

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Next to night shoots, babies have gotta be one of the hardest things to capture.  I figured if I could master the hardest things first, the rest would be easy then right???  I don’t have any babies around to photograph on a regular basis though.  Thankfully though, a good friend of mine and her beautiful baby don’t live too far away and she was willing to come to my place so I could capture him.  We did a photo shoot a few months ago with my bridge camera, but the results weren’t as good and it wasn’t as much fun as the shoot was this time.  I am still editing these images because not having studio lighting has made for some harsh shadows and stuff, but here’s enough to make you go awwwwwwww:

I took some test shots of this kiddo in his jammies before setting up the lights and everything.  Go figure, the only pictures we could get him to smile for were the test shots.  Oh well…he’s still just as beautiful in his jammies right?

Look at the picture above again…it’s so perfect.  The tongue, the drool…seriously this little man is one of the most adorable babies EVER.

In this image below, my nephew was not at all thrilled that this baby had his Auntie’s attention and insisted on getting in the shot.  Every time we tried to take him out he’d tell me “but Auntie I haf haf nook at da camruh”, it was too cute.  He was so gentle with the baby and here’s one of the shots he just had to be in:

 Of course the session wouldn’t have been complete without a picture of him and mom:

I can’t wait to capture his one year milestone with my lens!

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