Captured Faithfule

The chirping hour


Anyone who knows me will tell you…I am audio powered.  I have to have music in all kinds in all decibels at all hours of the day and night.  I just do, I can’t help it.  Interesting enough, music to me is not just lyrics set to a tune.  I consider the rustle of wind, the waves breaking on the shore, laughter, and countless other things music too.

One of my favorite times of day is what I have always referred to as the chirping hour.  It occurs in the twilight of dawn, before the rest of the world awakes from its slumber.

With these little guys making their appearance again in the tree across the sidewalk from me, I can only assume chirping hour will be upon us quick…YAY!

2 thoughts on “The chirping hour

  1. All lovely photos… I love the birds.

  2. wow Faith, great shots of the birds – you can publlish your own wildlife calendars!!

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